Technology and Teaching

Since last class, a number of ideas have come up to my mind. Most of them are about the importance of shifting to teach using technology. Some are about the new literacy and about having these new ways of connecting between teacher and students. How can I as a teacher open the closed doors for me as well as  for my students?

 I think technology opens the doors for teachers to get promotions and to increase their income as well.  Because of being able to give special lessons, teachers can get the benefits of all the advantages of using technology and all that is for free. Also, it is easy to be creative and not be boring anymore. By time, technology will be not just a job but  also one’s best friend.

What made me think of all these ideas was the amazing experience of Ms. Kathy Cassidy  she was able to shift to teach using social networking.  I believe now that teaching by using new tools like Skype can give the opportunity to grow and to be creative. If I am still teaching by the same way with the same people, I won’t have this chance to be a remarkable teacher like Ms. Cassidy.

However, until now, I never have the chance to use Skype as a teaching device. Therefore, my ideas are still not practical. One day I will know if I can apply them all.


3 thoughts on “Technology and Teaching

  1. sfarn says:

    Dalal, you brought up many interesting points in your post; I also think that by regularly incorporating technology in classroom lesson planning it allows teachers to become more creative than they would have been if they were on their own or left to their own devices. Technology opens up so many more doors for educators and students to become engaged in more thought-provoking activities; it allows students to think outside the box, and to become critical thinkers. As we teach the new generations of students, it requires us to shift our teaching methodologies in order to learn how to use the latest technologies; this will help us to be able to provide the best instruction possible. What is so amazing is that we are teaching in time when new technologies and resources are constantly being created. In order to accommodate for these changes, we need to remain updated with our teaching methodologies. As we teach our students new ideas and allow them to produce authentic work, they become responsible global citizens who are mindful of their digital footprints. It is our job to prepare students for the world, and what better way, than through the ways listed in the ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy and Technology’ image that you included in your post. We have an obligation to allow our students to explore what technology has to offer one device at a time! Thanks for sharing about this topic!

  2. Stephen Ransom says:

    I think one of the most significant things that new technologies can provide are more, diverse, personalized opportunities for students to actively engage with content, create interesting things, and share/communicate with relevant and potentially global audiences. Seymour Papert called the computer, “The Children’s Machine”… a device that allows us to play with, explore, manipulate… ideas, as learning is about making sense of the world, not simply knowing things.

    As soon as we come to the realization and acceptance that there are more ways to learn and engage in learning activity than we ourselves were exposed to, the sooner we can get on with the business of really making learning more powerful and relevant.

    • dalbalawi says:

      I like the idea of making learning more fun. I searched about this book. it is amazing to read a book which has been written 20 years ago and it is still valuable.
      “Seymour Papert set out a vision of how computers could change school” .

      Thank you for making me know about this book.

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